Designed and constructed for your purposes and functions for you to enjoy, from digital games to sunlight, eating sleeping exercise, commercial or store, all with a unique style of your very own. PLUS +  Rooms, add space and value to your lifestyle, extend the enjoyment of your home, leisure or workplace.

We provide all solutions .

If only we had another room !!!

If only . . . . . . . . .

Making the most of your  space within your home, through the passing of time and generations,
 as it becomes a playroom to home classroom, music room, sun room , whatever the stage of  your family life, there is always use for another room.

Lifestyle and choices


Known for her street art throughout Europe. She illustrates, paints and photographs. Street art is her way to communicate from a simple base.

If only . . . . . .

We had more space or a separate room to use instead of squashing into the house and disrupting everyone else.

. . . . . but we do ! ! !

Create for you a purpose made space to utilise and enjoy,
inclusive of all services, and requirements .

FREE  :  Design and planning

FREE  :  3D modelling and specification

FREE  :  Quotations and consultation

The complete Design + Construction + Project Management + Service

Features for  work rest and play

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What people say

They were really professional and did an excellent job. 

I would recommend them to anyone .

- Stuart

Good job well done.

- Palle

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